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Matching Numbers
L79 327/350HP 4 Speed

You are viewing a very nice, incredibly clean, privately owned 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Sport Coupe. "Classic Cars Online, LLC." is helping the owner with the listing of this fine classic. This is a 71,200 actual miles car that is unmolested. This "MATCHING NUMBERS" vehicle has the optional 327/350 hp L79 engine that is coupled to a M21 close ratio 4-speed transmission and a 3.70 differential. This type of Sting Ray is becoming more and more difficult to locate. Up until last year, this vehicle spent its entire life in Oklahoma and Texas. The rust free frame proves this fact. It was purchased new by Leonard Olsen on February 8, 1966, from Bruce Brown Chevrolet in Ennis, Texas. I'll list the numbers and the date codes that I was able to find and decode, which are all correct for this car. This "turn key" car could be driven anywhere. I'll try to describe and go over most of the car, please read and view all of the pictures listed below.


  • VIN Tag: 194376S103276 (The 3276th one built)
  • Trim Tag: B15 (Built on October 15th, 1965)
  • Style: 66 437 (1966, Body Style: Coupe)
  • Body: S 595 (St.Louis Body Number)
  • Trim: STD (Black Vinyl)
  • Paint: 980AA (Trophy Blue)
  • Block Casting: 3858174, Date J45 (Oct. 4th 1965)
  • Block Pad Stamping: 6103276 F1013HT (VIN) (Flint Oct. 13th 327/350HP)
  • Head casting: 3782461 H125 I275 (Aug.12'65, Sept.27'65)
  • Alum. Intake Casting: 3890490 Winters Snowflake (Date is on the underside)
  • Water Pump Casting: 3859326
  • Transmission Casting: 3885010, side cover 3884685, tail shaft 3857584
  • Transmission Stamps: 6S103276, P0920 (Date 1965 Sept. 20)
  • Rear Axle Stamping: AS101165 (3.70:1 Oct. 11, 1965)
  • Radiator Stamping: 3155316 65J (Sept. 1965 )
  • Expansion Tank: 3155416 65G (July 1965 )
  • Ignition Coil: 1115202
  • Voltage Regulator: 1119515 5K (Oct.'65)
  • Alternator: 1100693 37A 5J15 (1965 Sept. 15th)
  • Carburetor: Holley 3884505 (R3367A)
  • The numbers/codes listed above are ALL correct for this car!


    Lets talk about the frame first because this is the most important area to verify when looking to buy a classic Corvette. The frame on the 1966 is and always was "Rust Free"! (Originally from Texas then Oklahoma.) NO repairs were ever done, and there is no undercoating which is hiding problem areas. The factory metal frame rail end caps by the "kick-up" dog legs are still present. This is without a doubt the best C2 (1963-1967) Corvette chassis I've seen. The whole undercarriage of this car was also just cleaned and detailed. The springs, shocks, and other items are all detailed with the correct paint finish and stickers. The fiberglass underbody was cleaned and left bare, the same as when it left the factory. The body job number, (125) can still be seen written with in white grease pen on the right fiberglass floor pan area. Nine times out of ten, people selling a car would not talk about or take any photos of the underside. The undercarriage tells you a lot about the car, that is why I took a few pictures of the bottom.


    This is a "NO HIT BODY"! All the original bonding strips are present and do not show any signs being in any accidents. There are NO stress cracks in the paint which are common with most Corvettes. The paint on this coupe is "Trophy Blue," the correct "980" code for this car. This color was only offered in 1966, and there were only 1,463 built with this color, the second fewest. The paint is almost perfect. There are two or three very small chips that were properly touched up at one time, that's it. The car was repainted a few years back with a base coat/clear coat type of paint. There are no stress cracks, buff makes, orange peel, or bubbles, in this paint. As you can see from the photos, even the door jags were properly prepped and repainted correctly. The gaps between the panels are near perfect. (Which is also hard to find on these Corvettes.) Both doors are aligned and close with ease, no sagging doors on this C2. All four of the fiberglass wheel opening lips are great, and still look factory. The fiberglass lip around the engine compartment is also very nice. This is usually broken or cracked.


    Most of, if not all the chrome is still original and looks pretty nice. There is no "pitting" on any of the bumpers. The Bumpers do have 39 years of "mother nature" on them, so there is some dulling and minor scratches. The four chrome taillight bezels look good, but they are starting to get some typical pitting on the upper inside surface. There is no pitting on the emblems, rear view mirror, gas door, or door handles. No major dents or scratches on any of the stainless trim parts. The two rocker panels are very nice without any dents or scrapes. They do show the typical road rash behind the front wheels.


    The engine compartment was just cleaned and highly detailed. Once again this is the correct ORIGINAL matching number L79 option 327 350HP Special High Performance 11.0:1 compression ratio "HT" coded motor. The correct shielding, air cleaner, and fan shroud are all present. The 3367 Holley carburetor was just restored and rebuilt. Everything in this engine compartment was removed cleaned or painted and then reinstalled. All new hoses, belts, vacuum lines, spark plugs, ignition wires along with the fluids. Everything is correct, right down to the bolts, decals, correct clamps, and paint colors for all the parts. See the "Mechanical" description area for more details on the engine.


    The interior is very nice. The correct "STD" coded Black vinyl is still present. New seat covers along with new carpeting were just installed. The original headliner is in great shape. The door panels are still original and are nice also. They do have a few of the typical small cracks around the arm rest area. There are also a few cracks in the black vinyl dash pad. The original seat belts are in great shape and still have the correct tags stitched onto them. The instrument cluster was removed and detailed. At that time, all of the gauges where checked and re-calibrated and are working great. All of the trim inside the car is also very nice. The chrome knobs and dash parts do not show any pitting or problems. The black paint on the chrome console trim is in great condition without any chips or nicks. The steering wheel is almost perfect, it does have two or three very small cracks. The AM-FM radio was just serviced and sounds great. The power antenna, wipers, lights, gauges, horns, factory clock, tachometer, speedometer, odometer, along with the trip odometer are all working fine. The glove box is sporting the owner's manual, owner's protection plan booklet, and radio instruction card(s). They are all in the clear plastic owner's manual bag. The tire pressure label decal is still present along with an old map of Texas from 1966.


    The stowage compartment cover has the jacking instruction label. There is a jack and lug wrench present and are held in place by the proper spring hardware.


    All four rims are painted correctly. (With semi-gloss black paint on the backside and gloss black paint on the front.) The factory stock wheel covers with the chrome spinners are all present. A few of the spinner are starting to show a some pitting in the chrome. Mounted on these stock rims are four new 205/75R15 tires with the correct whitewall. I'm pretty sure that the spare tire isn't correct, but there is one present. The spare tire compartment, (bucket) is in good shape with only a few cracks. This is held in place with the proper hardware along with the correct optional spare tire lock.


    All of the glass looks original with the exception of the windshield. It was replaced at one time and looks great with no nicks or wiper marks. There are no chips, cracks, or scratches on the side and rear glass. Both mirrors look good with no scratches or de-lamination problems.


    No known problems with this 327/350HP motor. I'm not sure when, but the motor was rebuilt at one time. (Pistons show .030 over) The valve seals have just been placed along with new valve springs. The Muncie M21 "Close Ratio" four speed transmission shifts nice and firm. The shifter works smoothly and is a joy to run through the gears. The original 3.70 ratio rear end is good and doesn't make any noise. The car doesn't over heat, and runs cool during the summer months. The factory installed disc brakes are working great, there is no pulsating, fading, or pulling. The parking brake has been adjusted and is working fine. There are new shocks on the front and rear which have been painted gray to match the original ones. The rear spring has just received four new rubber cushions. The exhaust system is good with two new stainless steel mufflers. (It sounds great!) All four headlights have the correct "T3" type of lights, that work fine. The two original headlight motors have been rebuilt. All the electrical items work correctly, right down to the second hand on the factory clock. This car is a pleasure to drive. There are no rattles or noises. The steering wheel doesn't vibrate, and the car doesn't pull left or right. The gear box shifts perfectly and is a true joy to run through.


    The vehicle has the owner's manual, along with the Owner Protection Plan Book with the Protect-O-Plate and all its pages and coupons still intact. The radio Operating Instruction booklet and the card that hangs from the radio knob. The window sticker that shows all the options and the whooping total of $4878.65 is also included. There is also an original color sales brochure that shows all the options, features, and color chooses.

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    1966 Corvette Sport Coupe
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    This vehicle is in very nice condition both inside and out, with an excellent investment outlook! In the above description, we mention every area of the car, both the physical and mechanical. Keep in mind this is not a frame off restoration. It didn't need all that work done to it. Also it's not a NCRS $60K-$80K "Top flight" or a "Bloomington Gold" car, even thought it would do very well at those events. This is a very nice car that looks as good as some of those cars. I would say it's far better then your average "driver" type of vehicle. We know that the more information and details the perspective buyer gets about the vehicle, the better they feel about their decision. If you need more photos or information about this '66, please e-mail or call Classic Cars Online.
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